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2023 Kyle Biggs

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Hi! I'm Kyle Biggs, a recent graduate and passionate media producer with a diverse background in filmmaking, visual art, and emerging media. My journey began in my early teens, inspired by the burgeoning YouTube culture. I began to hone my skills in camera operation and editing, using platforms like Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

My passion led me to a video production class in high school, where I delved into filmmaking fundamentals and even assisted my peers in their editing processes. This experience opened doors for me to work with local musicians in the South Bay of Northern California, creating music videos that allowed me to express my creativity.

In pursuit of further education, I attended Silicon Valley Career Technical Education's filmmaking program while still in high school. This rigorous schedule helped me develop a deep understanding of set etiquette and the operation of advanced camera gear.

In 2018, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the Cinema and Television Arts program at Cal State University, Northridge. My academic journey allowed me to explore various disciplines, including video art, entertainment media management, and emerging media such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

During the pandemic, I delved into visual art; experimenting with video synthesizers, audio synthesizers, and old TVs, broadening my understanding of analog visual media creation.

Throughout college, I freelanced on music videos and social media projects, gaining valuable insights into the social media landscape. I also worked for the university's marketing department and the social media agency Unruly Agency, honing my skills in a more corporate structure of media production.

In my senior year, I served as the Director of Photography for Drop Dead , a thesis television pilot, and created Time Transmissions, a video art sculpture inspired by Nam June Paik.

Having graduated just two months ago, my dream is to become a globally recognized Creative Director, leading a high-profile media production company known for its innovative, influential, and culturally relevant content. I aspire to push the boundaries of creativity, set trends in popular culture, and use my position to positively impact society and the visual arts industry.