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2023 Kyle Biggs

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2023 | “Time Transmissions” Shown at the Sojurn, the 2023 CSUN Emerging Media Showcase

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In the thick of university life, an opportunity arose – a multimedia showcase was to be hosted by our institution. This event presented the perfect canvas to project my creative ideas. With two months to breathe life into my ideas, I set off on a journey – the creation of my piece, “Time Transmissions”.


The concept of “Time Transmissions” was born out of the idea of bridging time and space: a blend of video, sound, and real-time engagement, the goal was to create an interactive experience, a 'time machine' in its own right. I envisioned a unique fusion of the contemporary and the historic, audio-visual elements echoing through time. It was a challenge I enthusiastically embraced - merging technology with narrative storytelling, resulting in an immersive sensory voyage.

My initial proposal slideshow

The construction process, quite like any journey, was strewn with instances of trial, error, and delightful surprises. The first fortnight was spent primarily in conceptualization and submitting the proposal, which met with approval. In the following weeks, every stitch in the tapestry of "Time Transmissions" was woven with meticulous attention. From setting up a home screen with customized buttons that start and stop a video to incorporating sounds that play when the buttons are pressed - every detail mattered.

Enter TouchDesigner, a platform I was initially unfamiliar with, but soon learned to navigate (it was like exploring a digital jungle, but it's potent!) It's real-time visual output and node-based structure were instrumental in bringing my vision to life.

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The culmination of this journey was the showcase itself. The sense of accomplishment that filled me as "Time Transmissions" unfolded before the audience was immeasurable. This journey was not just about creating a piece of multimedia art, but it was also a testament to the power of learning, perseverance, and the compelling narrative of interactive art.

2023 | “Through the Solar Lens”: A Leap into the Cosmos

In the Spring of 2023, my team and I at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) partnered with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab's Solar Gravitational Lens (SGL) division to transform the complex universe of astrophysics into an engaging, educational experience. Our mission? To demystify the solar gravitational lensing mission, a process that leverages the Sun's gravitational pull to magnify far-off celestial bodies, enabling us to observe exoplanets and galaxies like never before.

Our solution was a unique game called "Through the Solar Lens". The objective of the narrative of the game is to blend of awe and science, guiding users from the humble beginnings of astronomical observation to cutting-edge exploration. Using their browser, players can manipulate the position of the SGL telescope in order to identify an Einstein ring around the Sun, a gravitational quirk enabling us to discover potential exoplanets.

I would like to thank Dr. Slava Turyshev of NASA, our professor Martin Jarmick and my partners Aidan Dunn, Tyler Zielensky, Apurva Raj and Dylan Amatya. Their collaboration, guidance, and expertise were integral to the successful creation and execution of this project!

Play the game here